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End the horror
of live animal transport

Transporting live animals long distances is cruel and unnecessary. Together, we can put an end to it.

Stop incidents like this:

In March of this year, the Ever Given, a 400-metre container ship, became lodged in the Suez Canal, blocking this busy transport route. This led to lengthy delays for an estimated 200,000 animals aboard the 16 livestock ships that were waiting to pass through the canal.

In February of this year, newspaper reports told a harrowing story of two ships carrying a total of 2,600 young cattle from Spain to Libya that became stranded at sea after an outbreak of the bovine disease bluetongue. At port after port, they were refused entry, while food and water for the animals began to run out. Reportedly, with no veterinary care, the calves were left to suffer for weeks without relief. Dozens died on board, and when the ships were forced to return to Spain, all the remaining animals were euthanized.

In November 2019, a livestock ship carrying 14,000 sheep from Romania to Saudi Arabia overturned and sank soon after leaving port, and all but 180 of the terrified animals onboard drowned or died from exhaustion and injuries. The salvage company reported secret decks loaded with more sheep than the ship’s cargo plan had officially declared, which may have caused the ship to capsize.

We can’t let these horrific tragedies continue. Together, we can change the world for animals.


Compassion In World Farming

Compassion campaigns peacefully on a global level to end all cruel factory farming practices. We believe that the biggest cause of cruelty on the planet deserves a focused, specialized approach – so we only work on farmed animal welfare.

Our vision is a world where farmed animals are treated with compassion and respect.

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